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About us

Salem is a church with both deep roots in our community and a forward-looking vision for ministry. Founded in 1856, we are one of the oldest churches in Washington County and remain one of the largest rural congregations. We are a member congregation of the NALC. Click here to read about us: NALC. We welcome all to our communion table on Sundays, whether you are a Lutheran or any other stripe of Christian. Baptism is open to people of all ages. As Lutherans, we believe that we are redeemed through Jesus Christ by the grace of God and empowered for ministry by the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  We invite you to contact one of our pastors if you would like more information about our church. We hope you will join us in worship this Sunday!

Our Ministry Team:

Dr. Craig Dohse 

Ronnie Becker

Council President


Jenny Sebastian

Office Administrator

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Brittney Oquinn

Sunday School Superintendent

Nancy Rosenbaum


Terry Boeker


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